Reflecting an easier way of life. More time for you and your family.  
Taking care of your To-Do List.

Reflections Chicago

-Family and Home & Specialty

 Concierge Company-

Reflections Chicago

is Meaghan Bruckner 

Is-a Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend, Neighbor and Person who wants to help YOU!

Did- After working in Interior Design for years, I realized I enjoyed designing wardrobes far more than houses. I began Reflections Chicago as a wardrobe styling company, and found success with personal shopping and creating perfect outfits, head to toe, out of what people already owned in their closets. “Shopping in Your Closet” was focused on building “looks” from existing clothes and accessories that people already owned.

Does- As I began my life as a busy wife and mother, I created shortcuts to looking and feeling good. Between parenting, cooking, and running around, I realized that I wanted to take this concept of stylizing and task management to others. I am cooking meals, running errands and creating looks that help you feel good - out of your very own closet.

Wants- Do you ever think- "I can't get anything done!" ? Well....let me help you get it done.  There is too much pressure on us these days to be F%$#ing super humans.  Let me give you back time for you, your family and your sanity. It's time to get ahead, chill out and let someone else help you. I can help you manage your daily grind, help you look and feel good and deliver a home cooked meal right to your door.